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The wells....water, John 7:38

Christ said to those that believe as the scripture has said.....there would be living waters,-no matter the situation!

In some of the earliest times of recorded history, there has been war,both physically and spiritually.we see these truths evident in the word of God,from cover to cover!

Also we see recorded in our earliest history the fight of man against man,it is true that often it is the cause of satans influences,but still it is a physical fight.

I read an article by the Smithsonian institute on the subject of wells and both have been hand in hand from the earliest of times. How both of these two together has been instrumental in the rise and fall of people.

They give a great number of instances in our history and current day that this is being done.

From genesis to the ancient Roman Empire,to hitler in both world wars,to the Japanese against the Chinese,to the Middle East isis is still using this tactic against people today.

They will dump anything from rock and dirt in the well to seal it. To trash,poisons,even to the extent of dead bodies of both animals and humans. All in order to stop the wells from producing the life giving flow that is water!

Just as the war we are fighting in the Middle East stems back to the choice made in the garden of eden and a sin handed down to a child, Cain slaying Abel, that gives us our current battle, both physical and spiritual!

And if that is true,that the spirit of our greatest enemy would stop up,poison or pollute physical wells than why would we think that he wouldn’t do the same to the spiritual well?

The culture of today has poisoned our well to the point that it is no longer pleasing or satisfying to drink!

We see in Genesis 26:18 that Isaac digger again the wells of his father Abraham.

These wells had been filled in be the enemy,and forgive me,but if the well is that valuable,why did Abraham let the enemy in so close and for so long to fill them in with dirt?

But Isaac began to redid the wells.....

Wells were something of great value, they took tremendous amounts of resources to dig,not to mention the right location. They provided one of the most precious resources that they had,water.

We find that from the time that Abraham originally dug the wells that the philistines had came and filled them with dirt.

We see that after Isaac reopened the wells ,that the enemy came again and began to strive or fight with them.

Isaac would the call the names of the three wells;

Esek,because of strive

Sitnah,for opposition

Rehoboth,roominess it was far enough away I do not believe and scripture does seem to

I do not believe and scripture does seem to bear out ,that this was the original names of Abraham’s wells,but just the names that Isaac gave after the enemy came back.

Can I tell you that we don’t need to rename the blessings of God! It doesn’t matter how long they have been covered up or how bad the enemy fights!!!! Those things that belong to God are exactly what God calls them! It would seem that we are renaming the church.....that we are accepting what the enemy says about how church is going to be.

I can almost guarantee you that Abraham didn’t call his wells any of those names......strive ,opposition,or room.

We need to get back to to well that God gave us! To the blessings that God gave!

We as Isaac have allow the enemy to dictate how we use and what we call our wells!

We need to return back to an altar!we need to return back to what the wells were called,what the promise was!