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Salt those fleas

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Have you noticed your fur baby scratching a lot more in the last couple of weeks? Well, the weather is getting warmer, and that means the fleas are multiplying like crazy. The fleas always get worse with the warm weather here, and before you realize it, you are fighting fleas on your dogs and cats, in your house, and your yard. This problem can be a very pricy battle to get rid of all the fleas that have popped up overnight. Plus, using all those chemicals on your animals and around your house can make us all little nervous about the long-term effect this will have on our animals and us. Let me suggest a couple of cheap chemical-free things use in your battle on the summertime fleas.

So, let’s start with removing the fleas from your pets. Mix one cup liquid dish soap (I use blue Dawn soap), one cup white vinegar, and one quart of warm water in a large mixing cup. Transfer the mix into a squeeze bottle (like an old shampoo or body wash bottle). Shake before using. Then wash your pet with the flea mix as you would typically do. Let the mixture sit on your pet for 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing the pet. You will see the fleas floating in the bathwater. I use this mixture on my dog Remi once a week. If you notice your dog getting dry skin, you can massage in coconut oil and let it set in their skin overnight. It’s good for them, too, so even if they lick themselves, it’s okay. Also, make sure it’s not just food allergies because grains can make them itchy. FYI., just from my experiences

Now let’s remove the fleas from the inside of your house. I like to put salt down. Yes, Salt. Sprinkle salt all over the floors and carpets. Let it sit for a day, then vacuum it up. After you vacuum, sprinkle more salt on the feet and carpet. Repeat the salt process for about a week, and all the fleas in your house should be gone! The fleas get onto the salt, and it dries them out and kills them. Make sure to wash your pet’s bedding every other day, along with the daily vacuuming. You can also use Borax Powder Laundry Soap all over your floors and carpet like salt. You only must leave the Borax down for a couple of hours before vacuuming it up. The Borax is a little pricier than salt, but in a couple of hours, your fleas are dead, and your carpet has a fresh scent.

These are just a few remedies I have tried in my battle with fleas. Remember, it may take you to use these more natural treatments more than once to rid your pets and home of all those nasty fleas. You can always talk with your vet regarding the different flea pills and medicine they can put your pet on to help keep your pet flea-free.

Next time those fleas jump on you as you walk to the kitchen, grab your saltshaker and salt those fleas.

If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share or questions on just simplifying your life or pets life, email me at publisher@