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LCSO Chief Deputy Don Neyland announces retirement

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Deputy Chief Don Neyland has announced his retirement from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.  He was selected for the December Employee of the month by staff of the Sheriff’s Office.  After 31 ½ years of honorable service, Deputy Chief Neyland has earned the respect of his colleagues, supervisors and the community.  He started his career in 1989 after graduating from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Police Academy.  Chief Neyland worked as a patrol deputy for the Daisetta Police department for 2 ½ years before becoming a part of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office team.  He has held the positions of Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant, Criminal Investigation Division Captain and is currently the Chief Deputy.  In his career, Chief Neyland completed 2872 hours of law enforcement training in subjects such as Child Abuse Prevention and Investigation, Crime Scene Investigations, Major Crimes Investigations and Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Investigations.

When asked about his career, Chief Neyland said the most memorable cases were crimes against people.  He would diligently work each case and was a dedicated employee.  Chief Neyland said that he always wanted to be a Deputy and that his family has a tradition of being part of Law Enforcement.  He was asked why he chose the Liberty County Sheriff’s office and he replied that he wanted to serve in the community that he lived in.  

Once retired, Chief Neyland plans to enjoy reading about Texas History and watching John Wayne movies.  He said he hopes to see the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office grow in the future.  Deputy Joel Davila, Chief Neyland’s former partner in Criminal Investigations Division, had this to say about Chief Neyland, “Chief Neyland made an impression on my life and taught me lessons that I still use today”.   Chief Neyland has been an asset to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office for all the years he has served.  He has mentored and guided many young deputies that will always appreciate his advice.  

Criminal Investigation Division Captain Billy Knox was asked about Chief Neyland’s dedication and he replied, “Chief Neyland has spent 31 years serving the citizens of Liberty County. He is one of three employees currently working that have worked for four different sheriffs. He has been a true asset to the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Liberty County. He has been the "go-to guy" for LCSO deputies and many other agencies, departments, and offices regarding law enforcement advice and knowledge. Chief Neyland will be greatly missed, yet I know he is just a phone call away. I wish the chief well in his future endeavors.”

Sheriff Bobby Rader said, “When I was a Justice of the Peace, I observed the hard work that Chief Neyland did when he worked for Sheriff O. J. Stewart, Sheriff Greg Arthur, and Sheriff Henry Patterson.  He put forth extra effort in every position that he held for the prior sheriffs.  When I was elected to be Sheriff, I interviewed several people for positions.  Based on his past work history, it was an easy choice to ask him to serve as the Chief Deputy.  

It has been an honor to work with him.  I tell everyone that he has been with the LCSO since Noah was on earth.  He has a vast amount of knowledge about the law and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures.  He can be tough as course sandpaper, but can be as gentle as a lamb.  He can speak with authority, and on the other hand, listen with concern.  Chief Neyland has handled many crises in a professional way.  He has a good relationship with both the elected officials and the citizens of Liberty County.  He always thinks before he acts.  One of his sayings that everyone at the LCSO will remember is “if it ain’t in writing, it did not happen”.  

Well, I am putting these words in writing because he has certainly been very helpful to me!  I wish him a grand retirement!  He is always welcome back to give advice.  Since he will no longer be on the Liberty County payroll, his advice will definitely be considered, but will be free of charge.   Good luck with your retirement Chief!”.

Chief Neyland was asked what parting words he had for the staff.  He thoughtfully replied, “It’s all about the personnel.  Without them, it’s just an empty building and dusty cars.”  Chief Neyland is a leader that has helped the office grow and succeed.  His guidance will be carried on in the leaders he has trained and developed throughout his career.  Chief Neyland has certainly left his mark at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.