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LC Mobility Study still seeking public input

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Traffic woes, and in some cases nightmares, are a part of everyday life in Liberty County, whether it is trying to manage your way through town, or avoiding the pains of some particularly stressful rail crossings, or any other number of complaints, these issues are impacting the entire community.

Fortunately, those areas of concern are not falling on deaf ears, as the Houston-Galveston Area Council, along with Liberty County and the cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty, began a discussion with the local public last week to address a wide range of issues pertaining to mobility in and around the county. The main areas for the study that began in October 2020 are cars, freight trucks, pedestrians, bicycles and public transit.

Solutions to many of these issues are being analyzed for feasibility to improve the overall mobility in a number of areas, from the immediate to the long term. For example, traffic studies are being conducted to improve the timing of traffic lights, resurfacing of roadways currently suffering from poor conditions to the eventual possibilities of widening intersections and even the possibility of bypasses to alleviate travel in heavy traffic areas with a focus on the three largest towns in the county.

For those that were not able to participate in the initial public hearing, there is still an opportunity to make your case for some of the major problem areas you deem important for these entities to evaluate. Anyone that would like to take part can register at engage.h-gac. com. From there, you can join the Liberty County Mobility Study and provide input in a number of areas by placing pins on the map of Liberty County, along with your reasoning for the importance of that area.

Once you visit the site at, you will find studies in a few areas, so you will select Liberty County Mobility Study and register to take part. Once you have registered, you will have access to information on the purpose of this study and be able to go to the map to pin your ideas for consideration in the program.


• Click on the map or the ‘go to map’ button.

• Zoom in to the section of the map where you want to leave a comment

• Select “+” to add the appropriate pin and drag it onto the map

• Describe the issue

• If possible, upload a photo of the issue.

Participants will be able to select a number of areas of importance when placing a pin on the map. You can give feedback on safety, congestion and delay, access and connectivity, walking, biking and transit, as well as anything else you feel the study has missed.

Once the HGAC has compiled the information from the public, they will continue to study the available information, working alongside the local governments to create possible implementation plans and identify funding options. There will be a second public hearing on these issues in the Fall of this year to further inform the public and garner continued public input.