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Public Hearing held on Pate Street Closure

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A public hearing took place at the Cleveland City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening about the proposed partial street closure of Pate Street. Liberty Church owns property on both sides of the street section and would like the street to be closed so they can expand. They have requested that the City of Cleveland abandon and close Pate Street between FM 2025 and Cedar Street.

Currently, Pate Street and Cedar Street are connected to FM 2025, with Cedar Street merging into Pate Street. In the proposal, the section of Pate Street that connects to FM 2025 will be closed, but the other end will remain connected to the US 59 frontage road. If the proposal is approved, traffic will flow from the US 59 frontage road down Pate Street to Cedar Street to FM 2025.

Residents from the neighborhood along Cedar Street came to the public hearing to voice their concerns about the traffic coming to and from US 59 and FM 2025 if the section of Pate Street is closed. Some residents also spoke about the dangerous curve on FM 2025 and the numerous accidents that occur on the road.

“We live on Cedar Street, right behind there. That street is pretty small, and it’s going to create a lot more traffic through our area. I encourage everyone before you vote to drive down Cedar before you do so you can see what I’m talking about. It’s not conducive for extra traffic,” said Brad Morris, a resident of Cedar Street.

Representatives from Liberty Church also spoke at the hearing about the dangerous curve of FM 2025 and referenced the city’s plans for a bypass from US 59 to FM 2025 as a way to reduce traffic through the neighborhood.

Senior Pastor Preston Bostwick spoke during the public hearing,

“I do hear the concerns about the safety of the other street, Cedar. I’m not sure if they are aware of your plan for the bypass that will be coming in just north of that street that will eventually solve a lot of the cross between the feeder and 2025. It is a very tight street, I’ve driven down it. Trying to come out on 2025 at Pate and at Cedar is very dangerous with the curve. I think one of you that it will be under review to decrease the speed limit on 2025. And I think as you guys have been planning ahead for traffic flow in that area. The span of time between the closure of that street will increase traffic on Cedar. It is a tight street, so it’s time to ask people to try to make an alternate choice for traffic, but they will be frustrated by trying to make that because you’re making two turns to try to get over to 2025. They used Pate because it’s a straight shot, so they can speed down that road, and I’ve seen it happen. There are alternates both now and in the future for traffic flow.”

After hearing from the public and representatives of Liberty Church, the council decided to table the item until more research can be done and to give leadership a chance to speak with residents who live on Cedar Street.