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The Dawning Of A New Day

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Daybreak is my most favorite time of day. To see the darkness and the cold give way to the beams of light and warmth is a very powerful thing to me!

To know that no matter how dark the night was it cannot withstand the light that is coming! All of nature sees it, if you are outside at that time you hear the birds begin to chirp and sing. Almost as they are singing praises,” the night is over the sun has come “! All the animals begin to move as in a celebration that the darkness is gone.

I also like that it shows us there is a new day, and that darkness can’t push back the light. Each dawn is the hope of a new opportunity!

It reminds me of Joshua and Caleb,they were the only ones that believed Gods word, tat they could have the promise land and thatGod would fight their battles. Even white the fruit of the land the people would look at the lands inhabitants instead of God and decide it wasn’t possible!

They went thru their darkness, 40 years of wondering until all were dead until the day God spoke to Joshua saying a new day is coming! The day that you have been waiting for, praying for is finally coming to pass!

There is no telling what you are waiting for,what you have been praying for; you stood,you believed,you have kept the faith and this could be your day!

He tells us so much in His word; no weapon formed can prosper,your heal shall bruise the enemies head,we have power after the Holy Ghost has come!

I believe that it is time for the church to go ! Stop waiting for signs,seasons,or unctions and step out every day knowing that “this is the day of the Lord and rejoice!”. Even the children of Israel in their wondering knew that ever morning God was going to provide with manna and quail.

What more will God do for you , the heirs of promise, you that have been born of the water and spirit?

This is your day,our day,the Lords day; the rising of the sun shows that He still has it all under control!

Seize your day! Seize your opportunity!

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