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“What if today was your last day?”

I woke up this morning just at daybreak with the thought, what if this was my last day?

What if this was my last day, what would you do? That is quite the question and thought to ponder, but really, what would you do?

Would it be a certain bucket list item like skydiving, going to see a family member or friend? A certain restaurant or food you would seek or maybe it would be forgiveness from a past incident you would seek or give. Would you finally tell that certain person how you feel, how many times would I love you be said that day instead of letting it just be understood?

It would seem that this list of things to do would go on and on, there are so many things that we need and want to do but we take for granted that there will always be another day or opportunity to do them! The reality is that the things that are impossible enough to do on the last day of our lives is the things that we should be doing every day of our lives! All the other stuff that takes the place of those things happening, even if they are necessary such as jobs, home and life maintenance were never meant to take the life out of living!

I grew up in a much more simpler time! Time got family and friends took president over those other things, family gatherings happened once a week at a table. The sounds of laughter came from homes as people gathered for game nights and fellowship. Family trips were the norm, even if they were just for the day.

I do not think of my self as old but I have become old enough to understand what is really important!

I think as the apostle Paul in his letters to the church’s he is more general but in the end to Timothy he is personal! I don’t believe his passion for the lost world changed but he began to understand the importance of the passing of his mantle.

He talked to Timothy more in love and relationship and how he must be to continue in his race as he prepared to hand off the baton and for Paul to finish his race.

I don’t know when the rapture will be but for sure we are living closer to it than ever before! More so, I don’t know how much time I do have, this could be my last day ……

So I want to be as the apostle Paul; I want the world to know that I want them to be saved! But, I want those closest to me to know what was really important! God, lliving for Him and growing His kingdom! Seeing those closest to me growing in His kingdom and knowing that they are there running their race as I pass my baton to them!